Natural and Realistic three dimensional sound:
3D Audio and Positional Audio

AMI Technologies 3D audio engine breathe the life into the Music that you are listening or the Movie that you are watching on your smart device or on your VR head set. It also brings the realistic and positional audio experience while playing the game on your VR headset. It accurately renders the position of the audio (direction of the audio that is coming in ) so that gamers will immerse in the game and have much more fun!.

Our implementation of Higher Order Ambisonics(HOA) will position the audio in 360 degrees around the head and we render those audio objects with HRTFs for binaural playback.

Our proprietary implementation of reverberation engine converts these binaural playbacks to realistic sound as if you are in that particular acoustical environment.
Listen our 3D Audio
Use Headset or Headphones for better experience
Playback 3D Stereo
3D Scene Based Audio
3D Audio Engine
We change the way you listen to your content, taking it to the next level.
You’re totally immersed in your activity, with spatialized sound sources adapting to every movement.
3D Music/ Cinema Mode Playback
Any of your stereo music or movie on your smart devices will be converted to binaural playback and immerse your head with 3 dimensional sound. Audio will not stuck in you head rather it will be out of head localisation. It converts any headphones or ear buds into 3D audio experience. Stereo music will be rendered with HOA and positioned around your head with HRTFs and presented with 360 degrees audio experience.
Game/VR mode and Head tracking engine
While playing the game source localization or accuracy is everything. The more accurate it is, the closer it is to reality, and much more fun in playing games. If we can identify Mr.Mike is firing at 9 o'clock, 1 meter off using accurate HRTFs the gaming will much more fun, you can trust your ears with our VR platform. Combining the HRTFs and 3D reverberation engine we deliver far more accurate positional audio than ever—convincing externalization, realistic sense of space, accurate acoustical characteristics of different audio objects, right distance and location, and more. Our VR platform also conatins the head tracking engine by which we take care of presenting audio source accurately (source localization) so that gamers can concentrate on the game!
3D Reverb engine
Our proprietary implementation of 3D reverberation engine presents more realistic acoustical environment to gamers. It will virtualises any kind of the room / hall. 3D reverd engine is optimised such that it can even convolve impulse response of 5 to 8 seconds of the acosutical rooms or halls.
Conference Mode
Even with the advanced conferencing system, it is hard to find who is talking when the multiple people are in the call . Our positional audio mode in VR platform will improve the quality and productivity of the conference call by positional audio. Imagine Mr.Mike will be heard from centre of head , Mr.Lee is on the left side , Mr.Bee on right side , Mrs.Linda form 7 o'clock and so on. With our VR platform , we can positions the each speaker around the head and make the conference call more productive .


Our imerssive Audio VR Reference design offers very flexible design and tuning on the final product, it reduces the 90% development cost and time.


  1. Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA)
  2. HRTFs rendering.
  3. Music/Movie mode for binaural playback.
  4. Proprietary 3D reverberation engine .
  5. Multi channel processing for Game mode to accurately position the sound.
  6. Head tracking engine and render the audio accordingly.
  7. Positional audio for conference systems.
  8. More than 400 audio modules for further post processing

Tuning Tool

  1. Flexibility to real time tuning and further tweaking the signal flow is important while building the product, OEMs and ODMs also want to differentiate their product with competitors by scale the system with new features. AMI Technologies provides its rapid prototyping system to fine tune the design and re design the signal flow to meet above needs. It is 5 stage development Tool where user can design graphically Generate Code build & Run Tune on Fly automate the Testing Ship the product

  2. It has the rich set of the inspectors to tune the system

  3. Field proven and well defined host communication and tuning protocols over Serial peripheral Interface(SPI), two wire interface (I2C) , UART and Ethernet / WiFi
Platforms Supported
  1. Arm Cortex-M7 Devices
  2. ADI SHARC Devices
  3. ARM Cortex-A Devices (with Linux and Android OS)
  4. Qualcomm Snapdragon Devices
  5. Low cost DSPs (contact for list)
Application Areas
  1. Virtual Reality Headsets
  2. Augmented Reality Headsets
  3. Smart Phones
  4. Laptops and PCs
  5. Gaming Consoles

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