Key Offerings

  1. Provides the customized Music and Video Player Apps for the Mobile, Pads and Wearbles. These Apps will use the HW accelerators available on the SOCs
  2. Design and deploy the custom Audio Processing for Apps or integration on the system level
  3. Offload the Post processing to the DSP if it exist or run the core processing with the NEON optimizations so that the CPU load is minimal
  4. Tuning Tools which connect over the WiFi to the smart devices so that OEM or ODM can fine tune their sound processing
  5. Define and develop the Field updates software . This includes from simple peer to peer filed updates to filed updates over Network form the centralized server
  6. Robust Audio and Video players for IVI system for Automotive applications. UI developments for IVI systems
  7. Apps development for the Music/Video Services
  8. Streaming Audio and Video in car for the Rare seat entertainment systems

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Our app is available in Android, iOS and Windows

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