Professional Audio products like Digital Mixing Consoles, Guitar Effects Pedals and many need the Audio Reverberation Effects and AMI Technologies is providing the Off-The-Shelf Algorithm Reverb for the OEMs and ODMs to accelerate the developments. These Audio enhancement effects are also used in the Audio and Video Player for Smart Devices.

Features of the Algorithm Reverb

  1. Low memory and MIPS consumption so that it can be integrated on Micro Controllers like Coretx-M4 or Cortex-M7 to DSP Processors
  2. Support for different Room types and Reverb Effects
  3. AMI Designer is provided to evaluate the demo in real time and add more custom effects
  4. Supports the low latency of 3 msec
  5. APIs to change the effect on the fly from the Host Processor or Standalone Controller

Targets Supported

  1. All SHARC and Blackfin Processors with internal and external memory
  2. All Microelectronics with Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M7 Processors
  3. All SOCs with ARM Cortex-A Architectures
Portable to any DSP/ DSC or Application Processor Families

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