AMI Designer

AMI Designer from AMI Technologies is an environment for developing optimized embedded Audio / Speech software. AMI Designer is suitable for the entire lifecycle of an algorithm, from basic research to optimization and productization, integration into end products, and ongoing support. AMI Designer automates many of the tasks associated with developing embedded products and allows the designer to focus on adding sophisticated functionality and reducing Time-to-Market


  1. Cross Platform: OS and Processor Agnostic: Supports Native rendering of the Audio and Speech Modules
  2. Reduce 90% product development Time and Cost
  3. Faster Time to Market
  4. Showcase your innovation to the customer with in no time
  5. Do apple to apple
  6. Graphical Interface: Graphical editor to create audio signal chain and generates optimized code depending on the Target
  7. Repository of the Modules:  large library of Audio specific processing modules, more than 400 modules ex: EQs , Crossovers, Virtualizers, Bass Boost, Speed EQs, Auto Duckers, Filters, Scalars, Mixers, Delays, Limiters, etc
  8. Integrate Custom Modules development and 3rd Party Modules integration

AMI Designer - A Simplest Audio Modules Interweaver

How It Works

5 Stage Development Environments

Design-Connect the modules
Graphical Interface, Drag-and-Drop signal flow editor Repository of Audio and Speech Module library(more than 400 modules) Simple Module API, no need of MATLAB for modules writing Supports multiple embedded processors, DSPs, DSCs, MCU and SCOs Cross Platform , Native PC Execution Bitstream Detector and Decoders as Modules Framework for multiple applications / products Supports custom Modules development and Support for 3rd party algorithms integration Easy to migrate to target hardware and to production hardware
Generate Code
Generates efficient & optimized code depending on the selected Target Floating-point and Fixed-point algorithms MIPs and Memory profiling in real time
Tune to Fly
Real-time tuning Includes design equations Configurable user interfaces Flexible SPI, RS-232, Ethernet and USB tuning interfaces MATLAB automation API
Regression testing capabilities Scriptable using MATLAB Can execute tests on production hardware
Deploy the Product
Supports production hardware Platform source code available Host interface available Includes Audio module control functions Flash manager to support the updates in Field

Development Environment

Where algorithms can be prototyped in feature rich and friendly environment. It supports all DSP processor, Digital Signal Controllers(DSC) like ARM based Cortex-M, Cortex-R. It also supports the application processor and SOCs. This minimises overall development time and enables many of the difficult algorithmic issues to be addressed up front. It is also a OS agnostic and it supports form simple kernel to complete OS like Linux, Android, iOS, Windows etc.

Optimised Module Library

AMI Designer includes a large library of audio/speech specific processing functions: Filters, Scalars, Mixers, Delays, Limiters, AEC etc. Most modules are designed to operate on mono and stereo signals to be supported in a natural manner. Some modules incorporate built-in smoothing on a Sample-by-Sample or Block-by-Block basis. Easy to add new modules and there is no need of MATLAB for writing modules. See the complete list here.

Target Hardware

AMI Designer supports native PC execution by utilizing the Port Audio system as well as development boards. The tuning interface varies based on the features of the development board and may include RS232, SPI, Ethernet and USB. Provide the complete list here.

Supported OS

AMI Designer supports Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and DSP/DSC Kernels

Application Areas

A wide range of application areas which includes Automotive, Smart Devices, Headphones, Bluetooth Audio, Docking Station, Smart TV, Professional Audio, Home Theatre and many more

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