Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter and Integer Sample Rate Converters are required in many Audio and Speech application to render the signals form one domain to other domain. AMI Technologies offer the optimized Off-The-Shelf algorithms for ASRC and ISRC for Floating point and Fixed point Processors.

Features of ASRC and ISRC

  1. Block by Block Rendering
  2. Supports Cubic Interpolation as well as the Linear Interpolation while converting one domain to other domain
  3. Asynchronous operation supports time-varying sampling rate ratios
  4. An integrated Jitter buffer that gives the audio system time to properly adjust to changes in the sampling rates
  5. Provides separate reading and writing functions to support in Interrupt based or Multithreaded systems
  6. Supports Multichannel conversions
  7. Optimized to processor instruction set architectures so that it takes very Minimal Power consumption
  8. Provides complete set of the coefficients to convert between different sample rates

Readily Available Targets

  1. SHARC 214x Family Processors with SDRAM support
  2. ARM Cortex-M4/M7 Tragets
  3. ARM Cortex-A based SOCs
Portable to any DSP / DSC or Application Processor Families

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