Audio and Speech Modules Development

AMI Technologies closely work with the customers to accelerate their Algorithm development needs. We offer the more than 400 audio and speech algorithms Off-the-shelf and rapidly develop the new algorithms in combination with these or form the scratch

Key Offerings

  1. Design and develop the application specific algorithms for example Wind Noise Reduction, Convolution Reverb etc
  2. Development starts by tweaking the algorithm in the Matlab and unit test using the file I/O or specific input data
  3. Porting the Matlab code to C and optimize w.r.t Memory and Cycles
  4. Test the algorithm in real time on Native PC and make it to meet the given specs
  5. Port that to given Evaluation kit of DSP/DSC or SoC etc
  6. Create a real time demo on Native CP or evaluation kit using the AMI Designer to further evaluate by the customers
  7. Optimize to fit in the available Memory and MIPS

How It Works

Our "Off-the-Shelf" modules are categorized into grouped like EQs , Cross Overs, Virtualizer, Bass Boost, Speed EQs, Auto Duckers, Filters, Scalars, Mixers, Delays, Limiters, etc. These low-level modules can be combined to provide increased complexity layouts using GUI Designer and generate API for it. Most Audio modules are designed to operate on mono or interleaved stereo audio channels, which allowing mono, and stereo signals to be supported in a natural manner. Some modules incorporate built-in smoothing on a sample-by-sample or block-by-block basis yielding "click less" operation. It supports collection of optimized real-time Audio processing functions sufficient for developing innovative Audio products.

Repository of Modules

Spatial Enhancers  Guitar Effects  Noise Cancellation
Virtual Surround Distortion Effects Adaptive Noise Reduction(ANR)
Dialog Enhancement Delay Effects Wind Noise Reduction(WNR)
Dynamic Bass Boost Modulation Effects Active Noise Cancellation(ANC)
Stereo Widening EQ Effects  Adaptive Filters
Algorithm Reverb Reverb Effects LMS / NLMS / BLMS
Convolution Reverb Filter Effects FDAF / Partition Block FDAF
3D Audio AGC Effects FXLMS / FBFXLMS
 Generators  Dynamic Range Control Modules  Filters
Sine Tone AGC Compressor Core 18 types of filters with precision of 32bit, 40/48Bit & 64Bit
Sine Sweep AGC Limiter Core Biquad
Impulse Train Table Driven AGC Compressor Biquad cascade(DF1/DF2)
Pink Noise Table Driven AGC Limiter FIR
White Noise AGC Multipliers Interpolation/Decimation
Table Driven Source Volume Control Correlation / Convolution
Tone Control: Bass & Treble Add / Subtract / Multiply / Devider Frequency Domain and Premium Modules
Reciprocal CFFT / CIFFT ITU-2 Loudness Meter
SquareRoot RFFT / RIFFT Peak Meter
RMS Complex Math Functions Peak and Hold
dB and Linear Conversion Modules WOLA Spectral Display
Polynomial Modules Windowing Functions Speech Enhancements
Clip Sym / Clip Asym Sample Rate Converters Acoustic Noise Cancellation (AEC)
Special Effects Integer Sample Rate converter(ISRC) Microphone BeamForming Array
Audio Duckers Asynchronous Sample rate Converter(ASRC) Confort Noise Generator (CNG)
Speed Dependent EQ Stereo Enhancers Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
Announcement Channel Handling Headphone Processing Acoustice Feedback Cancellation (AFC)
Reverb / Chorus / Flanger / PitchShift Loudspeaker Processing Speaker Identification (Speaker ID)
Speaker Dock processing Audio Codecs
Audio Modules - Basic & EQs M/S Matrix HE-AAC Encoder / Decoder
Multi Band Parametric EQs Balance / Panner AAC-LC Encoder / Decoder
Multi Band GEQs Delays Dolby Digital Encoder / Decoder
Scalars Delay in Time / Samples / Fractional MPEG-2 Layer2 Encoder / Decoder
MxN Mixers All Pass Delay / Delay Lattice DTS 5.1
Routers / Multiplexors Delay N tap / Pooled Delay MP3
 Home Theatre Specific  Home Theatre Post Process AAC
Bit Stream Detector : PCM / Dolby Digital / DTS / Dolby Digital Plus DPLIIX / DPLIIz
Bass Management : Dolby Bass Management / 5.1 system / 7.1 system NEO:6 / DH / DVS


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