Imagine the scenarios where creating personalised audio space and listening to the Music/TV while Baby is sleeping in the same room instead of wearing the headset and deal with the crying baby!

Imagine, parents are watching their favourite program in TV with a louder volume and children are reading next to them with minimal volume in the same hall!

Shaping the Sound or Personalised audio space is required in minimizing the audible interruptions to others at homes and in offices. Our proprietary Speaker Beamforming technology will enable to create the personalised zones by steering the sound to desired direction hence experiencing the 360 degrees immersive audio and others in the same room are enjoying with other tasks without interruption. This Technology changes the way people enjoy the entertainment in homes and commercial places.


Loudspeaker Beamforming reference design is a Linear Array of Speakers and has the control to Steer the Sound to any desired direction from 0 to 180 degrees.


  1. Reference design contains 12 or 8 Speakers with Linear Array
  2. User can Steer the Beam to desired direction on the fly
  3. Steer the Beam between -90 and +90 degrees
  4. Reduction of 20dB in the inaudible zone
  5. Frequency response 100Hz to 20KHz
  6. Best suite for TV and Gamming applications

Tuning Tool

  1. Flexibility to real time tuning and further tweaking the signal flow is important while building the product, OEMs and ODMs also want to differentiate their product with competitors by scale the system with new features. AMI Technologies provides its rapid prototyping system to fine tune the design and redesign the signal flow to meet above needs. It is 5 stage development Tool where user can design graphically Generate Code build & Run Tune on Fly Automate the Testing Ship the Product

  2. It has the rich set of the inspectors to tune the system.

  3. Field proven and well defined Host communication and tuning protocols over Serial peripheral interface(SPI), two wire interface (I2C) , UART and Ethernet /WiFi

Platforms Supported

  1. ADI’s SHARC and Blackfin Processors
  2. ARM Cortex-A based SOCs
  3. Low cost DSPs (contact for list)

Other Application Areas

  1. TV
  2. Gaming
  3. Conference Systems

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