Consumer AV and Audio products like Home Theater Systems, Sound Bars etc need the Bitstream Detector to detect the incoming stream type and enable the appropriate Decoder. AMI Technologies offer the Off-The-Shelf Bitstream Detector (BSD) which works on the block of the samples, detect the type and prepare the samples for Decoder for Pull style API or Push style API.

Features of the BitStream Detector(BSD)

  1. BSD works on the block by block samples to support the real time frameworks for AVR and Sound Bars etc
  2. It support Pull style or Push style APIs
  3. Payload chunks are 16 bit align to support different Decoders types
  4. Header Synchronization support for different Decoder types
  5. Support the API's to notify detected Decoder type the Host Processor
  6. Supported Decoders
    1. Dolby Digital Plus Decoder
    2. Dolby Digital Decoder/AC3 Decoder
    3. DTS Decoder
    4. MP3 Decoder
    5. AAC-LC Decoder
    6. HE-AAC Decoder
    7. WMA Decoder
    8. PCM
    9. True HD Decoder*
    10. DTS HD Decoder*

Targets Supported

  1. SHARC 214x Family Processors with SDRAM support
  2. ST Microelectonics Cortex-M7 Processor
  3. All SOCs with ARM Cortex-A Architectures
Portable to any DSP/ DSC or Application Processor Families
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