Loudness and Monitoring is so crucial for the Broadcast Audio Equipments and AMI Technologies has the experience working with the ITU industrial standards for Loudness and Metering algorithms and verify them according to the compliance of the ITU
List of the Offerings:
  1. Dynamic Range Control algorithms/ Automatic Gain Control algorithms, Limiters and Compressors
  2. Design the develop the ITU-1 Loudness Meter and compliance testing of this algorithm
  3. Spectral Display Algorithms
  4. Peak and Hold Meters
  5. Support Multichannel Conversion
  6. Crossovers etc.

Targets Supported :

  1. SHARC 214x Family Processors with SDRAM support
  2. ARM Cortex-M4/M7 Targets
  3. ARM Cortex-A based SOCs
Portable to any DSP/DSC or Application Processor Families

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