Long Finite-Impulse-Response (FIR) filters are required in applications like Convolution Reverb, Automatic Room Equalization, Gaming and Acoustic Virtual Reality.AMI Technologies's implemented the reference design to speed up the developments on these applications. Convolution Reverb reference design can run the stereo IR lengths from 2 seconds to 15 seconds and IR length can be increased by customizing the design. It supports the low latency of 3 msec and dynamic loading of IR banks from HOST Processor.

Features of the Convolution reverb :

  1. Long stereo IR lengths are supported, stereo IR can go from 2 sec to 15 seconds. This can be further increased by customizing the design
  2. Off-the-Shelf reference design available on the SHARC 21489 with external SDRAM
  3. AMI Designer is provided to evaluate the demo in real time and tune it with the custom IRs.
  4. It supports the low latency of 3 msec
  5. Dynamic loading the IR banks directly from the Host processor to DSP and click/glitch less transition from one IR to other
  6. Support the tuning controls from the host processor

Readily Available Tragets

  1. SHARC 214x family Processors with SDRAM support.
  2. ST Microelectonics Cortex-M7 Processor.
  3. All SOCs with ARM Cortex-A Architectures.
Portable to any DSP/ DSC or Application Processor families.

Other Applications:

  1. Automatic Room Correction/ Equalization
  2. Digital Audio Mixing Consoles
  3. Guitar Effects Boxes
  4. Gaming
  5. Acostic Virtual Reality Applications etc

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