OEMs and ODMs will work closely with AMI Technologies to integrate and Optimising the system resources

Key Offerings

  1. Putting all the blocks together and creating the Audio and Speech signal chains using the AMI Designer
  2. Tuning the system On the Fly
  3. Fixed point porting of the algorithm if the target processor is a Fixed point Processor
  4. Profiling the system and find out the most memory and MIPS consuming parts in the system
  5. Optimizing the most CPU consuming modules with processor intrinsic and deploying the optimizations strategies depending on the instruction architecture of the given Target Processor
  6. Assembly porting of the crucial functions to further reduce and fit the system in the available memory and CPU frequency
  7. Porting the approximation methods to the math functions and optimizing them on the target Hardware
  8. ARM NEON optimizations on the application processors
  9. Integrating the optimizations in the native level on the Smart Devices

DSPs and MciroControllers

  1. ADI's SHARC and Blackfin
  2. ADI Cortex-M4 devices
  3. ARM Cortex-M4/M7 evalauation kits
  4. ST MicroElectronics
  5. NXP
  6. AVR
  7. TI DSPs and CortexM4/Cortex-M7 Processors
  8. CSR Kalimba DSP
  9. Candence 24 bit DSPs
  10. Conexant DSPs

SoCs and Application Proessors

  1. Qualcomm Snapdargon SOCs
  3. Beabgle Bone Black and Panda baord
  4. Rasberry Pi3
  5. Intel SoCs
  6. Olimex SoCs
  7. Alwinners SoCs
  8. Rockchip SoCs

For more details please contact us at contact@amitekh.com