Firmware and Board Support Package Developments

In the Product development most of the time teams spend 20% on the core technologies and remaining 80% on the plumbing work like defining and developing the firmware for the product. AMI Technologies works closely with the customers to accelerate this development by using their Off-the-Shelf firmware as the starting point

Key Offerings

  1. Define and Develop real time frameworks for different Audio and Speech applications
  2. It includes designing of the firmware from the low level interrupts based to the RTOS and more complex thread based developments
  3. Define and development of Host communication
  4. Define and developing the boot loaders and handshaking mechanisms
  5. Define and develop the Field updates software. This includes from simple Peer to Peer filed updates to filed updates over Network from the Centralized Server
  6. Developing the protocols for the host communication like UART, SPI, I2C, LAN / WiFi etc
  7. ON the Fly host tuning, defining the standalone tuning, mapping the HW controls to the software controls and on the fly tunings

Board Support Packages

AMI Technologies also provides services in providing the board support packages for DSP, Microcontrollers, Application processors and SoCs

DSPs and Microcontrollers evaluation or production Hardware boards

  1. Brining up the Real Time Audio and Speech input and output drivers on DSP and Microcontroller boards
  2. Brining up the host communications via SPI, I2C and UARTs
  3. Brining up the Flash / External Memories
  4. Brining up the Porting the Flash programming drivers and Windows based utilities
  5. Integrating the AMI Designer and bring up the demos

SOCs and Application processors

  1. Building the Linux kernels on the SOCs
  2. Porting the File System
  3. Bring up the ALSA drivers, JACK and Port Audio
  4. Bring up the Audio and Video playback on these SOCs
  5. Bring up the server and multiple client communications, for example Node and custom server implementations
  6. Bring up the Java and Java script applications on these SoCs

Supported Vendors

DSPs and Microcontrollers

  1. ADI's SHARC and Blackfin
  2. ADI Cortex-M4 devices
  3. ARM Cortex-M4/M7 evaluation kits
  4. ST Microelectronics
  5. NXP
  6. AVR
  7. TI DSPs and CortexM4/Cortex-M7 processors
  8. CSR Kalimba DSP
  9. Cadence 24 bit DSPs
  10. Conexant DSPs

SOCs and Application Processors

  1. Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs
  2. NVIDIA SoCs
  3. Beagle Bone Black and Panda board
  4. Raspberry Pi3
  5. Intel SoCs
  6. Olimex SoCs
  7. Alwinners SoCs
  8. Rockchip SoCs

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