Fine tuning the technology in the product is very crucial part while building any Speech or Audio product. SO AMI technologies provides the tuning Tools to accelerate the OEM and ODMs product developments

Key Offerings

  1. Provide the rapid prototyping system called AMI Designer which will be used to tune the system on the Fly using one of the host communication protocols like SPI, I2C and UART
  2. Standalone Tuning utilities so that users can deploy same on the Host processor for communication between the DSP and Host processor
  3. Microsoft MFC based GUI tools to connect with the system and tune it, Customized solutions
  4. Field update utilities so that product vendor can connect to the device on the field and apply the software updates
  5. Flash programming utilities to read and write the system Flash

AMI Designer - A Simplest Audio Modules Interweaver

AMI Designer from AMI Technologies is an environment for developing optimized embedded Audio / Speech software. AMI Designer is suitable for the entire lifecycle of an algorithm, from basic research to optimization and productization, integration into end products, and ongoing support. AMI Designer automates many of the tasks associated with developing embedded products and allows the designer to focus on adding sophisticated functionality and reducing Time-to-Market

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