Wind Noise Reduction

For Autonomous Cars and Wearables like Google Glass etc, Machine Learning for Sound is critical and Speech Recognition Engine should yield the best results in the noisy environment as well. To improve the ASR, system needs to remove the Wind Noise. AMI Technologies proprietary implementation of the Wind Noise removal algorithm will accelerate the developments and improves the ASR. Different tests are performed under different noisy environments and also tested as well the sensitivity to the Trigger Word detection improvements.
Platforms Supported
  1. ADI SHARC Devices
  2. ARM Cortex-A Devices (with Linux and Android OS)
  3. Qualcomm Snapdragon Devices
  4. Low cost DSPs (contact for list)
Application Areas
  1. Autonomous Cars
  2. Wearles with Voice Control
  3. Video and Audio of Cameras

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